Social Media Virtual Assistants

Promoting your product, service or your brand and maintaining consistent engagement with your existing and potential customers on social media is a job that will take a lot of time, probably even 24/7! 

Sure it is a very important part of your digital marketing, but how about the money-making aspects of your business? Would you rather spend your time doing social media all day than focusing on your core business? 

You may be familiar with virtual assistants but some things might be keeping you from hiring one? Well, you need to get out there and find the right social media virtual assistant to help you out with your day to day social media tasks. You won’t thank yourself enough later! 

A lot of business owners have proven the benefits of hiring social media virtual assistants to manage their product, service or brand promotions on social media. It has saved them a lot of time and has helped them grow their business and of course, their sales!

As a business owner and an entrepreneur, your time is the most precious commodity, so using the services of skilled people called Social Media Virtual Assistants also called Social Media VAs will bring you a few steps closer to your goals.

What can social media virtual assistants do for you? 

  • Set up social media accounts or pages
  • Manage, organize and customize social media profiles or pages
  • Optimize social media pages
  • Planning and executing social media strategies and paid promotions
  • Create content calendars
  • Schedule post contents
  • Send newsletters following planned schedules
  • Grow page followers, likers or subscribers
  • Refer audience to website blogs
  • Copywriting, proofreading, and editing of content
  • Curate related content and post to your social media platforms
  • Build engagement with current and potential customers
  • Reply to customer queries
  • Monitoring and responding to audience comments and/or conversations
  • Hashtags research
  • Create and conduct surveys
  • Conduct promotional events
  • Create blog posts
  • Set up email campaigns
  • Perform regular business analysis reports

Social media virtual assistants can do a lot for you and your business. With a virtual social media assistant, you only pay for the hours you need and nothing more. This is especially beneficial if you are cost-cutting by not having to provide employee benefits, office space, office supplies, among other things that come with full or part-time office-based employees. Most of all, it saves you a great amount of your precious time!

However, these social media platforms are not one size fits all. Focus on specific social media platforms is important depending on your niche or industry to avoid wasting time on other platforms that won’t work on your business. With this in mind, we have our social media virtual assistants thoroughly specialized in specific platforms in order to provide the best outcome on your chosen platform.

Our specialized virtual assistants include: 

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